Our enterprise


Value of our current portfolio $31,296,000.00 and our created value is $9,708,300.00



Trust is one of our company's core values. We believe that trust is essential to building strong relationships with our customers and partners, as well as maintaining a culture of integrity and transparency within our organization. We are constantly working to earn the trust of our stakeholders by being honest, responsible and respecting our commitments.


We are convinced that innovation is essential to succeed in an ever-changing world. We encourage creativity and innovation in all our activities, investing in research and development, exploring new ideas and adopting cutting-edge technologies. We are always looking to be on the lookout for new things to offer innovative solutions to our customers and to continually improve our business.


Responsibility is a central value of our company. We are committed to being responsible to our customers, our employees, our partners, the environment and society as a whole. We are proud of our commitment to social responsibility, acting ethically, complying with laws and standards, protecting the environment, supporting local communities and providing fair and respectful working conditions. We are convinced that responsibility is an essential obligation to build a sustainable business and to contribute to a better world.


We are in business so that we can bring value to all partners and investors. Value creation is the key to success and our vision to remain a long-term partner of choice.

Who are we?

Founded in 2019, Solution Succès Groupe Immobilier is a real estate investment, development and management company. The company is currently expanding with an impressive portfolio of multi-residential projects.

Totaling more than 225 housing units in Quebec, Solutions Success Groupe Immobilier has more than 30 million assets spread over more than 31 buildings.

The building portfolio is mainly located in the following 3 major regions: Montreal, Estrie, Mauricie. The company is also expanding internationally in Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

Solutions Succès Groupe Immobilier is a professional services company for integrated management of the entire real estate portfolio held by its partners.

Our mission
Develop real estate projects that meet the current needs of society by meeting the value creation expectations of the partners, investors and communities that support our projects.

Provide turnkey multi-unit building opportunities that allow for long-term asset holdings


We execute and realize our core mission of the following core values and strategies:

Our team